Shanghai 5G three-year action plan released
Time:2020/10/22 Source:Shenzhen YPW Technology Co., Ltd

On the afternoon of September 26, Shanghai officially released the "Shanghai 5G Industry Development and Application Innovation Three-Year Action Plan (2019-2021)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). The goal is to build Shanghai into a world-renowned 5G by 2021. Highland of industrial development and source of application innovation. Specifically, it includes the following aspects:

1. The scale of the industry has increased substantially. By 2021, the city''s 5G industry will achieve the goal of "three hundred billion yuan", that is, the scale of 5G manufacturing, software and information service industries, and application industries will each reach 100 billion yuan. There are more than 300 5G industry chain companies in the city, 5G leading companies have entered the top 100 electronics companies in the country, and more than 8 companies with a scale of 10 billion yuan.

2. Speed up breakthroughs in key links. By 2021, the "five poles" of 5G industry agglomeration will be formed in Jinqiao, Zhangjiang, Caohejing, Huawei Park, and G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. 5G chips have reached the world''s leading 5nm process level, and industrial bottlenecks such as key mid- and high-frequency radio frequency devices and optical devices have initially achieved breakthroughs. 5G test equipment, modules, terminals, and base station equipment have achieved mass production, and indoor digital systems (DIS) have been applied on a large scale.

3. Innovative applications are widely deployed. By 2021, the city’s 5G applications will achieve the goal of “ten hundred thousand”, that is, focusing on 10 key vertical industries, building 10 5G innovative application demonstration bases; creating 100 5G innovative application enterprises, and forming 100 industry application benchmarks; Cultivate 1,000 5G innovative application projects, and the scale of the application industry exceeds 100 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that in the plan, the "five poles" of industrial agglomeration are mentioned. Among them, Pudong Golden Bridge focuses on 5G system equipment, Pudong Zhangjiang focuses on 5G chips, Xuhui Caohejing focuses on 5G smart terminals, Songjiang G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor 5G Innovation Base focuses on 5G test equipment, and Qingpu Huawei Park focuses on chips and terminals. Support qualified districts to set up 5G industrial parks, and attract high-quality enterprises in all aspects of the industry such as 5G chips and components, communication equipment, high-end testing, and terminal research and development. Relying on alliances, associations and other industry organizations, organize forums, competitions, etc. to promote upstream and downstream cooperation. Build a multi-level 5G cooperation and exchange platform, strengthen industrial linkages with international and domestic industries, especially the Yangtze River Delta region, and promote the coordinated development of the 5G industry.

According to the national 5G strategic deployment, Shanghai will focus on the development of 5G key chips and 5G smart terminal "two strong industries", and promote the joint development of the chip and terminal industries.