Shenzhen YPW Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer who focuses on the screen display lens &panels, decorative front panels, Logos and tags with Plexiglas (PMMA), PVC, PET, PC and Aluminum Material.  

For our products, the display panels and lens are widely used in the household appliances, industrial instruments, industrial machinery, such as: LCD TV, air conditioner, audio amplifier, DVD, Smart lock, visual doorbell etc;

The logos and tags are used in the inviting welding cards, company signs, Pet identifications tags etc.

Each product can be customized according to your own requirements with varying options of materials and manufacturing processes like screen printing, offset printing, laser marking, laser cutting, photosensitive imaging, embossing, stamping, chemical etching, digital printing engraving etc, a variety of adhesives and finishes are available to complete your meets.We constantly provide our customers the high valued goods and service.