Ding Wenwu: Build an independent and controllable integrated circuit industry chain supporting foundation
Time:2020/10/22 Source:Shenzhen YPW Technology Co., Ltd

On September 21, Ding Wenwu, President of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd. (also known as the National Large Fund), attended the IC Industry Summit Forum of the 2019 World Manufacturing Conference and shared "Thinking about the Development of the Semiconductor Industry". He said that an independent and controllable integrated circuit industry chain supporting foundation should be built.

Ding Wenwu said that to create an integrated circuit industry chain supply system, each link must be organically integrated with users, especially domestically-made equipment and materials. Only in this way can it be autonomous and controllable.

Ding Wenwu introduced that since the promulgation of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Development and Promotion Program in 2014, enthusiasm for the development of the integrated circuit industry has been soaring across the country. The establishment of production lines, chip design companies, packaging and testing lines, and the development of equipment and materials have been important for China’s chip industry. To a very big promotion. With policy support and industry efforts, the development of China''s integrated circuit industry has made great progress.

Ding Wenwu said frankly that although the development has been good in recent years, there is still a big gap between the scale of the industry and the level of technology in the world. It is necessary to continue to work hard to continuously strengthen innovation, improve capabilities, grasp the initiative, and achieve independence and control. The realization of these goals requires the joint efforts of the industry and the strong support of the society. "Now the whole country is very concerned about the development of the chip industry, from not knowing what a chip is to knowing that it is very important." This is a challenge and an opportunity for the development of the integrated circuit industry.

Ding Wenwu said: “In the past, even the door (of the user unit) could not be accessed, and there was no chance for the product to be tested. Now it has been greatly improved. The user unit will dock with the chip company and discuss the plan together. This is very Good things have promoted the company''s own development and at the same time realized the company''s support for domestic chips."

Although Ding Wenwu said that all kinds of funds must clearly recognize the importance of the chip industry and hope that funds will strengthen investment in the field of integrated circuits, he also called on local governments to develop rationally and funds to invest rationally.

Ding Wenwu said: "Since 2014, we have seen some status quo. Due to high enthusiasm, both developed and non-developed regions are vigorously developing (integrated circuit industry). This is a good thing in itself, but it may also cause some problems. The development of order may produce some repetitive, especially low-level and homogeneous competition. It is recommended that relevant state ministries and commissions strengthen management in this area and make overall planning."

In addition to investment issues, Ding Wenwu believes that the issue of personnel training for integrated circuits must be paid attention to. "There is a shortage of talents, and there is a shortage of high-end talents. Every time a company is built, whether it is production line or design, digging out each other, because too few people are digging more and more costs. The key is to do the quantity and quality of talents. Get up, otherwise there is no point in digging and digging. Now everyone is seriously considering how to strengthen talent training, including strengthening the introduction of talents."